Wilderness area lands in the United States can be breathtaking: fresh air, clean water, quiet days and nights, animals and plants you’ll never see in the city. These areas also differ, though, in terms of amenities, access to wildlife and property restrictions. If you’re buying a wilderness property for fun and as an investment, then here are some reasons why it’s a good idea.



In some areas, local and national laws restrict amenities. Investigate which facilities are available in any area you are planning to invest in. Never buy a property you haven’t personally visited. Wilderness areas often offer hiking, fishing, cycling, snowmobiling and other recreational activities. Some wilderness areas will have ski facilities as well as boating and guided tours. Perks like these will make your property attractive to potential buyers and renters.



In wilderness areas, you’ll feel the effects of the weather more acutely than in the city. Consider the sense of being at one with nature. Many potential renters will be attracted to the idea of vacationing in the wild.



Proximity to wildlife remains a key selling point of a wilderness area property. You may not welcome all creatures. Hunters, fishers and bird watchers alike will want to stay in a property so close to nature.



Wildlife area communities can be very close-knit. Schools run smaller, and teachers may have closer relationships with parents. Crime is often lower. If there’s one store in town, it doesn’t take long to become friends with the proprietor. In an area otherwise isolated, neighbors often look out for each other.


Other Wilderness Factors

Consider a few other issues that may fall into pro or con, depending on your vantage point.

  • Price: Some wilderness area properties can be extremely cheap—but there may be a reason, like the distance from services or lack of amenities listed above. If you’re just looking for an easy getaway, or a slice of nature without having to haul a tent around, that could work for you.


  • Traffic: Compared to a city, there is hardly any traffic in wilderness areas unless your property is next to a resort. Then it will be busy over the holidays or other peak seasons.



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