Welcoming these new neighbors to the area is not only a nice gesture, but it’s a great way to help them feel welcome. Creating friendships with new neighbors is beneficial in several ways, including the fact that you’ll be able to watch out for the security of each other’s homes. Here’s a short list of ideas to make that happen.

Homemade Food Gift

Bring a homemade baked good or treat. Or cookies. Or muffins. Or really any dessert at all. One modern caveat to this traditional gesture…be sure to include a list of ingredients since allergies are plentiful these days.


Drop off your neighborhood or block directory. If you don’t yet have a directory yet, new neighbors are a good reason to start one.

Favorite Eateries

Wrap up a list of your favorite take-out menus. Be sure to circle your favorite dishes.

Can’t Fail with Produce

Deliver some vegetables, herbs or flowers freshly picked from your garden. If you have a bounty growing in your backyard, sharing this is a lovely gesture.

Lift Their Spirits with Spirits

Bring a bottle of wine. You can never go wrong with a bottle of wine. Even those who don’t drink themselves may like to keep it on hand for guests or use it as a hostess gift. Drop by with a drink to share (if you think they would welcome it). If you see your new neighbors working outside, you might want to drop by with a drink you could share — a 6-pack of beer, a pitcher of iced tea — as you introduce yourself and chat for a few minutes. But, be mindful of their space, and just plan to hang out in front rather than expect an invitation to come in. 

Thoughtful Basket

Assemble a traditional housewarming basket. Okay, so we skip the broom to keep the house free of evil spirits. (And, um, the presentation theatrics because how strange would that be?) But a gift of a good olive oil and artisan salt (check out any of the local markets featured here for some good options), fresh bread (homemade or locally baked), accompanied by a wooden cutting board and a card explaining the blessing behind each item can be a practical yet beautiful gift.


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