One of the most fun aspects of fall is Halloween. Not even a national holiday, it’s a celebration that people have with as much gusto as Christmas or Easter. Here’s how to show others you celebrate it in your home. 

It Isn’t Halloween without Pumpkins

Or rather, jack-o-lanterns! Carving spooky or funny caricatures into pumpkins is probably the most recognizable Halloween activity. Some homeowners get creative with jack-o-lanterns, not just carving them, but also adding accessories. Some might not even carve them but paint them. There are number of things you can do with pumpkins.  

Spook Up the Front Door and Windows

More than just fall-colored leaves—yellow, orange and brown—should be on your front door and windows for Halloween. Fake cobwebs, plastic skeletons, bats, or even something as simple as a sheet to look like a ghost could be hanging in your window. For you front door, you could hang a small scarecrow on it, or put fake bloody handprints (that won’t be difficult to clean), or if you really want to go all out, you could rent or buy a fog machine and have mist seeping from the door when you open it.

Use Lights, Not Candles

For both your windows and jack-o-lanterns, it’s always advisable to stick with powered lights instead of candles. The latter has great ambience but is also a fire hazard. Plus, you can put powered lights in more places than candles allow.

Candy,  Of Course!

Halloween means trick-or-treating, where kids come to your door asking for candy. So, you need to stock up! Buy anywhere from 3 to 5 bags at your grocery. They usually have variety bags specifically packaged for the holiday. Running out of candy when trick-or-treaters are still out can be embarrassing. Don’t let it happen to you!

Wear a Costume!

It’s not required, of course. Kids want the candy more than anything else. Remember, though, that this is a holiday, and people appreciate it more when as many residents as possible are festive. Halloween decorations as mentioned above are a great start, but the coolest finishing touch is dressing in your own costume. You can make trick-or-treaters’ night more memorable when you show them you’re having as much fun as they are.


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