You might be on the fence about whether to buy a condo or not. It’s a question worth asking. There are certainly arguments for both the pros and cons, but we’ll focus on the benefits to getting a condo. Here are a few of those.

Clear Out Your Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause myriad problems. One of the biggest is leaks in your ceiling. Rain water pools in a clogged gutter instead of being funneled through the downspouts into the outside grass, then seeps into the wood framing of the house, where it will begin to leak inside. Dirty gutters can also weigh the gutters down so much they may detach from the roof if they take on enough rain water.

Clean and Store Outdoor Tools and Furniture

Lawnmowers should be cleaned and oiled, and the blades sharpened after an entire summer of mowing. Gas reservoirs should be drained. Then the mower should be stored neatly and safely in the garage, or possibly a shed. Any other tools like powered hedge clippers, power washers, or leaf blowers (when not in use) should be treated the same way. Hoses and sprinklers should also be drained as much as possible, then disconnected from spickets, rolled up neatly (if they aren’t already), and stored in sheds or garages.  

Check Your Heating System

Check and replace your furnace filter. A clogged furnace filter will no longer filter the air supply and will greatly reduce the efficiency of your furnace. Your furnace filter should be checked regularly to make sure it’s not blocked. Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks, rust or other damage. If you suspect a crack, have it replaced. Check the venting system for leaks, holes and blockages. Check the furnace ducts for any disconnected or crushed sections. Make sure that all of the heating vents are open and unblocked. Finally, you might want to upgrade your heating system. If you’re still running a 1970s gas furnace, you can be losing some serious energy. Modern high efficiency gas furnaces can achieve efficiency ratings as high as 97%. Replacing your old furnace could literally cut your natural gas use in half and result in great savings each winter.

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