You might be on the fence about whether to buy a condo or not. It’s a question worth asking. There are certainly arguments for both the pros and cons, but we’ll focus on the benefits to getting a condo. Here are a few of those.

Less Maintenance

Condos come with maintenance services included in the association dues. While the fees for this may at first seem rather steep, what you’ll save in the long run will be worth it. A regular house you own may need roof shingles replaced, plumbing fixed, and extensive yard maintenance. Finding businesses that don’t overcharge you may take years. With a condo, all of that is taken care of, for a price you know about ahead of time.

Great for Fixed Budgets

Since you’ve been apprised of all the fees during sale, there will be very few surprise expenses after the closing. Some people are turned off condos because the fees off the top seem high, but everything those fees bring people on fixed budgets make condos very attractive. Security is something a lot of people in the market gravitate to, which is why condo living is as popular as it is.

More Amenities

Many condos have access to swimming pools, recreational courts (tennis, racket ball, etc.), meeting and game rooms, and even exercise facilities and spas. These extra perks alone are enough to attract some buyers.

Usually a Good Location

Many condominiums are in prime neighborhoods close to work, transit, restaurants or shopping—areas that otherwise would be too expensive to live. These desirable locations also typically retain or increase their value over time, making them a solid financial investment.

Communal Connections

One of the best perks from the conveniences that extra amenities, a fixed budget, a desired location, and little-to-no maintenance is the extra time afforded to commune with neighbors. Condos tend to keep neighbors in close contact. People who like to entertain without the hassle of travel find this very convenient. Condo neighbors often even form associations apart from housing, from barbeques to walking or running groups. Condos get people in touch with their communities.

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