If you’re lucky, you’ve purchased a home that lent you a room you don’t immediately need. To some people, a spare room looks like a waste of space. For people with imagination, though, a spare room can have a number of fine uses. Here are a few.

A Home Office

This might be the most practical way you could use a spare room. A home office is where you can keep all of your monthly bills, your important documents, such as the mortgage or passports, and where you can have space to organize the rest of your household. A desk, filing cabinets, and of course a computer all will fit nicely into this space.

A Den

A relaxing reading room is another great idea. Imagine curling up on a perfectly placed loveseat, surrounded by your books, and wile the weekend afternoon away with a good novel. Bookcases can line the walls, and you can even have a charging station for your Kindle or iPad. A den is a splendid option for the spare room.

An Entertainment Room

Do you want a modest home theater system, but it won’t fit in the living room? What about a video gaming room? How about a room specifically for small parties, perhaps with a bar you installed? These are all things you can do if you want to turn the spare room into an entertainment area. It’s an excellent option.

A Dressing Room

Maybe you really care about your personal fashion. If that’s the case, you’ll want space to maintain it. A spare room could be a large closet. You could install shoe cases, put in wardrobes, and even install racks with hangers to accommodate your clothes. A full length mirror or two could round the room out for you to choose just the right outfits. It’s almost better than a ready-made walk-in closet.

A Guest Bedroom

This may seem like the most obvious choice, and while it’s a perfectly fine idea, it’s the one with the least practical value. However, if you already have a walk-in closet, an entertainment room, and don’t need a room to read, then a guest bedroom is totally acceptable, and will come in handy for the holidays.

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